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nononononononononononononononono(game 49):

shut up ninjajou10 or else i kick you in the balls

gonna try if its goo

Add more levels

I'm on it, I'll upload an update soon

also add anti-spam to chat pls



nice video

this game is cool

I Conquered this game SINCE I beated RANK 1 :) 

epic gaymer tip for this: stop at the kia says me stop


login fix?

is working atm


we are real

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wow this game is so cool i hope you add some levels


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The Rar of the game is not extracting for me (for windows). It says error. I hope u check out this error, because the game seems fun and I want to play it


Sometimes the rar is buggy, I recommend that you unzip it with zip7.


I just uploaded a compress based on the native windows zip, you can download again